The historic exploration campsite of Pike’s Stockade is located in the community of Sanford, Colorado. While in prison, Pike kept a secret diary, which he published shortly after his release. The diaries were used as a guide for further research and eventual U.S. control of the Southwest. Zebulon Pike raised the American flag on Spanish soil in 1807 at this site on the north bank of the Conejos River, becoming one of America’s first territorial claimants. In 1960, it was designated a National Historic Landmark for its role during one of America’s early territorial claims. Today, the site is operated as a living History Colorado museum.


Pike’s Stockade was built in 1807 by Zebulon Pike and his men during their expedition to explore the southwestern United States. The stockade was constructed with logs cut from nearby trees and was used as a base camp during their exploration of the area. In 1808, after their exploration was complete, Pike and his men dismantled the stockade and left the area.

In 1960, Pike’s Stockade was designated a National Historic Landmark for its role in American history. Today, the site is open to the public as a living history museum. The Pike’s Stockade Association, a nonprofit organization, organizes educational programs and events throughout the year to commemorate and celebrate this important site.

For Visitors:

The site includes a Visitor Center, a living history area, and a picnic area. Visitors can tour the historic stockade, learn about the history of the area, and participate in living history programs. Visitors can tour the grounds and the accompanying museum at their own pace. Pike’s Stockade is one of the most significant historical sites in Colorado, offering visitors a unique glimpse into America’s early territorial claims.

Time Period Represented:

Pike’s Stockade dates from 1807 to 1808, the period of exploration and early territorial claims in America. The site is a rare surviving example of this important part of American history, and its designation as a National Historic Landmark underscores its significance.

Location & Timing:

Pike’s Stockade is located in the small town of Sanford, Colorado. The site is open Summer months May through October, on weekdays from 9-5, and on weekends by appointment only.

If you’re interested in exploring Colorado’s history and heritage, be sure to visit Pike’s Stockade! Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for something fun to do on the weekend, this is one destination that shouldn’t be missed.