McIntire Ranch Historical Site is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sanford, Colorado. The McIntire Ranch is a historic archaeological site that includes the visible remains of Albert and Florence McIntire’s ranch headquarters, which was established around 1880. After settling near the Conejos River and the abundance of water provided by the McIntire spring, the McIntires built a mansion.

A National Register of Historic Places listing of the McIntire Ranch was made in 2008 for its importance to women’s and agricultural history in the area. This site was acquired by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in 1993, with the aid of The Nature Conservancy, mainly to protect its rich wildlife habitat.

What’s On The Site?

There are the ruins of the large Territorial Adobe ranch house and the foundations of many other buildings, as well as a stone spring and an animal pen. There are also seven concentrations of artifacts on the site. Several large cottonwood trees surround the ruins of the ranch house, which are the most visible and striking feature of the site. There are still a few walls standing in various states of decay.

It has no roof, and the adobe walls and interiors are open to the elements. Its plan features Italianate window openings and decorative brick hold molds, characterizing the Territorial Adobe type, regardless of the deteriorating state of the walls. The McIntire Ranch has the potential to help us learn more about how ranches are put together. The site has a lot of archaeological value when it comes to gender-related research questions.

Visit This Historic Place

Sanford, Colorado is a historic place with a lot to offer. McIntire Ranch Historical Site is one of the many places to explore in the area. Take a step back in time to this ranch from the late 1800s. You will never want to leave!

If you have never been to McIntire Ranch Historical Site, we encourage you to visit. McIntire Ranch Historical Site is a place where you can step back in time and is a hidden historical site that needs to be preserved. If you’re interested in Sanford, Colorado’s history, then this is a place you need to see.

Sanford, Colorado is not only home to many historical sites worth visiting. But, it is also home to the Crowther Dairy Farm. This is a family-run dairy farm. The Crowther family has been in the dairy business since the late 1800s. The Crowther’s are passionate about their dairy production. 

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