The Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge & Visitor Center is located in Colorado. The refuge was established in 1963 to conserve wildlife resources, with the primary focus on the many types of bird species that migrate through this area. On the Refuge, habitat management techniques include water and wetlands management, weed control, haymaking, grazing, and prescribed fire.

Visitor Center

Visitors to this region will be fascinated with all the different plant and animal species found here. The friendly visitor center has interpretive signs, and brochures for your information needs as well as knowledgeable staff ready to help you out if needed. The friendly visitor center offers interpretive signs and park brochures. Educational programs may be arranged ahead of time for groups.


The refuge is open daily during the summer months and offers activities such as hiking, hunting, and wildlife observation. Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or simply looking for a way to enjoy Colorado’s beautiful outdoors, the Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge and Visitor Center is sure to be a great experience for all! Some of the activities are discussed below.

Wildlife Observation: The Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge and Visitor Center is a wonderful location to go if you’re just looking for an opportunity to observe wildlife. You can enjoy spotting some of the over 300 species of birds that migrate through this region, as well as many other types of animals such as mule deer, cottontail rabbits, muskrats, coyotes, and much more.

Hiking: There are several hiking trails available, ranging from easy to moderate in difficulty. The Refuge offers a variety of landscapes to explore, including wetlands, grasslands, and forests. The Rio Grande Nature Trail travels 1.8 miles through the park, going through different ecosystems along the way.

Hunting: The Refuge is open for hunting during certain seasons in accordance with the Colorado Division of Wildlife.  Special regulations and licensing do apply, so be sure to check those out before heading out on your adventure. The refuge’s most popular destinations to hunt are its marshes and the Rio Grande River.

Scenic Drive: On a beautiful drive, one of the greatest ways to explore all that the Refuge has to offer is with your family. The Scenic Drive offers visitors stunning views of the marshes, fields, and forests that can be found throughout this region as well as a great place to spot animals.

Whether you’re interested in hiking, kayaking, hunting, or simply exploring Colorado’s natural beauty, Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge and Visitor Center is sure to be an amazing experience for all!